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Tag: love

Life’s a Gift

Life as we see it Life as we know Life is the most wonderful gift God has bestowed. True colors of life encompass us, We fail to recognize it We fail to let it see us To have life is a beautiful thing It gives us hope to see our day It gives us immense love everyday Makes sure that we are there for each other Fulfill your wishes Greet your loved ones Enjoy every moment around You never know the day you go to ground!

When My Daughter Became My Friend

When she was littleI held her fondly in my arms Caressing her, Cuddling her and looking after her all day longI made her a promise that dayThat she would be mine, as I would hers, till the end of days  When She became a toddler I helped her get her balance right Helped her walk and smile bright She grew up and started going to schoolThat’s When I knew that we are two bodies and one soulHer enthusiasm to do thingsHer way to conduct thingsHer smile and anger, all flushed in one She reminded… Read more When My Daughter Became My Friend