Words Shroud My Memory

Words shroud my memory  Of late spring that we broke The glasses of wine  With beauty so bespoke Words shroud my memory Of the time we last met The benign soul  The beat within… Words shroud my memory Of love that remains Lost in ponder A vacuum it creates  Words shroud my memory  The lastContinue reading “Words Shroud My Memory”

Relationship Woes of the Forgotten Times- Contd.. “TIME OFF”

Time Off- When we were working, we actually allowed ourselves to take some time off. We went out together, on dates or an outing with friends, with or without each other. We always had US in our minds, but we did not let that rule the fact that we have our own lives too. PostContinue reading “Relationship Woes of the Forgotten Times- Contd.. “TIME OFF””

Relationship Woes of the Forgotten Times

Ah! The day the husband (then boyfriend) and Wife went out together, the feeling was so magical. There were butterflies fluttering inside the tummy and they felt so weak in their knees. She knew he is the guy for her, probably even before he realized it, but it was sweet venom of love that sheContinue reading “Relationship Woes of the Forgotten Times”