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A Time in Life

Savour the truth Savour our life Savour all we have got This may just be one night! There are moments in life When we know not what to do There are moments in life That seem so long and forgotten. If I were to get just one day I would probably sit and change the course of the day I would maybe spend it with a few dear ones I would maybe not do anything, anyway! Life has its own time You come once and go away in time You… Read more A Time in Life

Life Calling…

The beauty of life Whence it gets lost The mystery that it creates One day it gets lost A fine day to think A fine day to revel The mystery called life And the joys within Hold on to those precious moments Ones that create memories Lives will get lost along the way Memories created will stay with us everyday Lets enjoy the small memories that we make Life is anything but fake Our thoughts turn to myriad colors As we celebrate a lifetime of memories, give or take!

Life’s a Gift

Life as we see it Life as we know Life is the most wonderful gift God has bestowed. True colors of life encompass us, We fail to recognize it We fail to let it see us To have life is a beautiful thing It gives us hope to see our day It gives us immense love everyday Makes sure that we are there for each other Fulfill your wishes Greet your loved ones Enjoy every moment around You never know the day you go to ground!