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Date Nights – An important fact post – marriage


Going on a date is probably the most beautiful thing a couple experiences in a relationship. The sweet nothings around you, the beauty of the world that encompasses you and the feeling of being with the one you love, makes you feel complete. Dating, at one point, was perceived to be a thing you did only before tying the knot. However, with changing times, the meaning of this term has also changed. Today, more married couples look forward to date nights to make one feel special and to bond with each other.

Dating is not impasseand brings a couple together post marriage too. We get so embroiled in our day to day lives that we forget the small things that once brought a smile on our face. The importance that we gave each other and the lamp that kept us burning through day and night while courting each other is…

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Date Nights – An important fact post – marriage

Going on a date is probably the most beautiful thing a couple experiences in a relationship. The sweet nothings around you, the beauty of the world that encompasses you and the feeling of being with the one you love, makes you feel complete. Dating, at one point, was perceived to be a thing you did only before tying the knot. However, with changing times, the meaning of this term has also changed. Today, more married couples look forward to date nights to make one feel special and to bond with each other.

Dating is not impasse and brings a couple together post marriage too. We get so embroiled in our day to day lives that we forget the small things that once brought a smile on our face. The importance that we gave each other and the lamp that kept us burning through day and night while courting each other is also an important fact post marriage. We live only once and we are the ones that can make everyday special through special times that we spend with each other. Dating post marriage is not restricted to discussing only things about our everyday life, the nuances of our lives and how things were before marriage. Dating post-marriage is a chance to connect with your partner on a different level altogether. You can enjoy a movie night with a dinner to get away from the hullaballoo of a mundane day or you can enjoy a long drive with your partner talking about things that you cherish the most.

It is imperative now days for couples to realize the importance of a spouse and the effort that goes to keep that spark in a marriage alive. Escaping every now and then to spend a special time with your partner not only brings you closer but also helps you realise the small things that you were probably missing out on by thinking about it and not doing anything about it. Sometimes the addition of a child in the family takes away that precious your-time away as your energies are completely focused on paying attention to your child and their needs. However, it is important for the parents to realize that taking time out from your child just for yourself is not a bad thing at all! You can keep yourself energized and bring a different perspective to your marriage by indulging in a Date Night once in a while.

Dedicated to all the couples who may have forgotten themselves and their partners along the way of marriage and parenthood- Go out, let yourself lose and forget your woes by being there for each other too. Cherish every moment that you get now, as you will not have this time again in your life. Don’t bog yourself down by telling ‘we have a lifetime to do things we did not do now’; the fact is that you Do Not have a lifetime to do all the things you did not do now.

Women- make your guy feel special and give him a surprise!
Men- Make your woman feel that she is not left out of your life and that she is still an important part of you post marriage.

Don’t feel guilty to take time out, you need these special Date Nights to be with one another forever… These are the memories that will go a long way to make you smile and lift your spirits at the time when you need it the most

A time to be with one another
A time to cherish one another
Its a time to enjoy some special moments
Its a time to just stay together…

Royal escapade to Amer Fort – Jaipur

India is a country with an interesting history and many dynasties that have left an impression on this very land. There are times that I wish I could get acquainted with history in person by visiting the various monuments, forts and palaces, castles and lands that have an indelible mark in history. Though I may not be able to visit all of them but seeing one of them was truly a beautiful experience. Amer Fort in Jaipur is one such historical landmark of the state and country that attracts tourists from far and wide to experience the royalty that still encompasses this beautiful palace. I had an exquisite opportunity to visit the very realms of the fort along with my family that took me back to the time where the Kings ruled and the Queens enjoyed the luxury of a palace. Amer Fort was originally known as Ajmer fort and over the years the name changed to its present state.
It is surrounded by an artificial lake with a beautiful Garden in the middle of it. The exquisite carvings of the palace and a perfect mix of architecture from Indo-Muslim era is a piece to enjoy. Once you enter the fort, you will be taken from the Moon Gate which was reserved for Queens to enter from and the other side is Sun Gate which was reserved for the Kings to enter from. Though the gates are identical however its significance is far too intriguing. Once inside the fort, you are greeted with a beautiful courtyard harbouring many chambers that were once reserved for royal guests and acquaintances.

We then started taking a walk around the palace premise and were quickly brought upon the King and Queen Chambers. This very fort was completed by three generations of Kings – Man Singh, Sawai Jai Singh 1 and Sawai Jai Singh 2. Though palace is symmetrical in built but one can see glimpses of the taste of these three kings in its architecture. While touring the chambers of the Kings and Queens we learnt that the King has 12 Queens and about 222 Harems or Mistresses whose mention in history is obviously unknown. Each of the queens had their individual chambers with a complete living area, bedroom, Kitchen and bathing areas. Another interesting aspect about these chambers was that they were located in one courtyard and in line with each other. Though there must have been some animosity amongst the queens however they seemed to have stayed together in harmony. Each of the Queens chambers was guarded by a Guard every night so that the King could visit and spend the night with any Queen he desired without any knowledge to the other.

Once we finished looking at the chambers we were taken to the Sheesh Mahal or the Chambers of Glass where an entire structure is made of glass of different colours and it still shines in Moon light and Sun light. Our guide gave us an insightful tour of the palace and also showed how the light reflected light. It looked absolutely like little twinkling stars. Though the main area is cordoned off for tourists but a glimpse of it around was more than enough to give us an idea of how it actually looks. 20140202_154914
The thick interiors and carvings of marble and beautiful frescoes on the walls, gates and pillars of the Palace are worth watching and feeling. The Palace exudes every bit of royalty even today. The best aspect of the palace is that even during those times the kings maintained a high standard of Hygiene with full ventilation and drainage system and recycling system that ensured nothing was wasted and every natural resource was utilised and maintained in a proper manner.

The Palace is surrounded by a 12 km long wall which resembles the Great Wall of China but only shorter. You can also get an opportunity to view the Jaigarh Fort which is currently the Army Headquarters, from the premise of Amer Fort. After touring and clicking innumerable snaps of the Palace and its surrounding we started our descent down towards our Jeep and were caught in awe by a typical snake charmer. I personally have never seen a Snake Charmer before, so this was a beautiful experience to see a snake live and to get an opportunity to touch it too! It felt eecky but it was definitely a worth it. After that we took our daughter to show a traditional Puppet show with traditional music humming in the background and the puppets being moved so gracefully around. My daughter was super excited and ended up buying two puppets as souvenirs too 🙂

Post this we proceeded to Jal Mahal en route home and were astounded by the way the Palace was constructed and its placement in the middle of the artificial lake. The aura around it is truly astounding. So in case you are planning a trip to Jaipur, you must visit a these beautiful places and many others!


As I Bid Adieu

With Every Day comes a new challenge
With every breath I behold,
The fervour that cast me in your eye
As I wait to say Good Bye!

Every day has been a new learning
Every moment a true surprise
Every time I look at the sky
I see you looking down and smile!

Every time I look at you
I look at all the things gone by
Every time I look at you
I can’t stop and ask why!

This pain that is in me
Will it never end,
A hidden smile that is in me
Would it never be the same!

Though time has come now, My Love
For me to fare thee well,
I make this one last call
As I bid you Good Bye!

A Colourful Array – Jhandewala Cycle Market

ImageAs a child I was always enamoured by the different types of cycles that my friends used to ride. I remember getting my first cycle when I was 8 years old (considering the fact the I belong to the 90’s generation :)) and my mom used to pester me to ride it everyday. Though I loved the fact that I owned a cycle but the admiration I had for my friends cycle was much more. During my days, life was simple with less complications as compared to today. There weren’t many varieties in bi-cycles for children to choose from. We had very selected brands like Atlas or BSA. Although a couple of my friends owned multi-gear bikes, that had become a rage in the late 90’s, but most of us owned simple girlie cycles such as a Ladybird.

Today with the growth in demand and supply, there are innumerable players in the market that manufacture and assemble bi-cycles and tri-cycles. One such place that actually left us open-mouthed was Jhandenwala Cycle Market in  Delhi.            

  Image                  Image

This H- shaped wholesale market of Delhi is famous for all types and makes of cycles. You can find toddler cycles and prams to bicycles for young and old alike. The price variation is considered to be quite a bit than compared to the regular cycle shops in every area. Since we wanted to buy a cycle for my daughter, who is 4 years old, someone suggested we visit this market and pick up a cycle as we would get a huge variety. Now how difficult is it to choose a bicycle with two extra wheels attached at the side for a young girl of 4! We thought it to be a simple task, that we would go, see, negotiate, buy and get our desired cycle home! But I guess it wasn’t meant to be that simple after all.

Once we entered this huge market, we were left awe-struck with the number of shops selling the same brands and similar variety of cycles at comparatively different rates. One we started looking around different shops we were amazed with the number and types of cycles that have come out for toddlers now! I never could have imagined the variations in cycles like tube or tubeless, colours, cartoon character specific or with and without baskets, cycles of different inches and the best being the inches differed from shop to shop. Now inches here means the width of the cycle tyre which determines the cycle that your child can and will be able to use. Now the price of the cycles differed from shop to shop and brand to brand. Every brand has a sub-brand to choose from for example- BSA for Toddlers, BSA Flora for girls, BSA boys cycle, Dora cycles, Hero Boys and Girls cycle, Atlas Little star to Atlas boys. The price range started from Rs. 1200 – Rs. 4000 and that was mainly because of the brand! The Chinese cycles, that are assembled here cost you much lesser than the other brands. So if you are looking at something that is non-branded and which may or may not last you for a very long time then a Chinese made cycle is a better option.

Though the price of the Chinese cycles were much lesser however we were not entirely satisfied with its finish and the way it was made. It was quite evident that the cycles were not really branded because of the quality of the metal, the plastic and the weight. However, in case you have a strict budget then definitely some of these cycles are worth it as you will end up getting one easily between 1500 – 1800 Rs. However, after 2.5 hours of tiresome walking and trying of cycles and negotiating prices, we did not really end up buying any as we were thoroughly confused at the end of it all. Even if we did not buy anything, the variety of things available for kids was an eye-opener for all of us.

Now we know in case we want to buy cycles or toys or gifts in bulk, we can explore the Jhandenwala Cycle market. Advisable to go in case you seriously want to purchase something otherwise it may just leave you frustrated at the end of a tiring walk around this market.


Savoring the Street Food of India!

Image    Image Image

Every household and every state in India has a unique taste and flavor that scintillates the taste buds and makes people hungry for more! Such was the fervor at the National Street Food Festival held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium from 20th Dec 2013 to 22nd Dec 2013. When we saw the newspaper advertisement about the different tastes of India under one roof or in this case on one ground, we couldn’t stop ourselves. Being the foodies that we are, my husband and I decided to explore our taste buds at this very festival.

On a cold yet pleasant winter afternoon we reached the stadium and were greeted by a long queue for parking and thereafter a long line to enter the venue. Looking at this enthusiasm, it made us even more curious to explore the different #street foods of India. We were greeted by stalls put up by different regions from Kerala to Karnataka, West Bengal to Rajasthan, Sikkim to Bihar, Chandigarh to Tamil Nadu, and Jharkhand to our very own Delhi! The very simple stalls dishing out a variety of food got us immediately hooked on and at a point confused as to what should we eat first! Our little sojourn presented us with a variety of dishes from across the Nation right from Tikkas to Bisibele Bhat, Chaat items to Sweets of Bengal, Dal Baati Churma and Gatte ki Sabzi to Kadhi Chawal, Idli-Vada-Dosa to Pasta, Pav-Bhaji to Chole Bhature / Rajma Chawal, Litthi Chokha to traditional Kerala Parathas and a variety of other dishes.

We both have very poor appetites, hence we wanted to skip the local stalls and head for the ones that we may not get to savour here. Each stall was thronged by many people waiting patiently to try their hand at something new. I, for one, was waiting to try something from West Bengal; after all I am a Bengali by birth and crave for some good Bengali food. There was limited variety as far as authentic Bengali food was concerned, with only Dal, Rice and Fish curry or Chicken curry to choose from. Though I did plate myself some Chicken curry but the taste was not what I expected! Much to my dismay, I did not want to give up yet! We explored stalls that were serving Momo’s from Sikkim and Chole Bhature from Chandigarh; however most of the dishes seemed to have sold out by the time we reached there.

The one thing that we did truly enjoy was our very own Kachori and Samosa Chaat! A very common dish that one can find in any big and small shop of Delhi, but I guess our taste buds swerved the same direction anyway. The biggest surprise was a shop selling authentic Bengali fresh sweets that included Rabri and Sandesh that sold like hot cakes. The aroma of the stall was enough to keep us going. We could end with the typical Pan made of fresh Betul Nuts but then we wanted to keep the taste we already had as it is! The highlight of the two odd hours we spent there were the beautiful pictures we clicked at a small monument in the middle of the event. The beautiful lights along with the green grass made our entire trip worth-while.

Though we did not get to experience the events that were organized at the venue, however looking at the zest and zeal we knew it was absolutely fantastic. The review we went with and the mind-set we came out with were not in tandem; however, for a first time visitor, you should definitely visit this unique festival that will atleast give you a sense of the different street foods of India!

Image     Image        Image

A Rugged Road to Beauty- Khurja (U.P.)


A Rugged Road to Beauty- Khurja (U.P.)Khurja Pottery20131214_190548

Every weekend I wake up and feel great about the two days that my husband and I can take off from work (not so much for me!), not worry about numbers or that we both have to send our daughter to school early in the morning. These two days i.e. Saturday and Sunday are two of the most blissful days in our lives or if I may add in most our lives today. This particular Saturday we decided to go on a journey that actually took us nowhere!

We usually spend our time in some shopping center or a mall or a gaming arcade or just aimlessly driving from one end to another or if worse comes to worst we just simply sit at home! This Saturday was different from the usual as we actually decided to explore one part of Uttar Pradesh along with our dear friends for a change. Our journey of rugged roads and lots of dust with people having no driving sense took us to a sleepy town or village of #Khurja! Khurja is located in the Bulandshahar district of Uttar Pradesh and is famous for its pottery and ceramics. We had and particularly I had never heard of this place located just about 1.5 hours from Ghaziabad i.e. 76 kms from my house. The name itself sounded like a mean place and made me think about a dagger more than anything else! However, we were delightfully struck by the quietness and simple beauty of this sleepy village. When I say quiet I genuinely mean there were no lights, not many people on the road possibly because of winters and that we wondered all throughout how these people actually survive without electricity!

Though we started late from our own destination, we reached the village or town by around 5:30 pm and during winters 5:30 seems like 8:00 pm! My friend had been all praise for this place because of its Blue Pottery and #Khurja Pottery that the name comes from! Our journey into darkness led us to some very beautiful ‘go-downs’ and ‘emporiums’. Now all the shops here sell wholesale ceramic or “chini   ” products that are all hand-made and hand-printed. I was astounded by the large variety of pots, plain drinking glasses, tea sets, serving bowl sets, beautifully designed decorative items, kid’s tea sets, wide range of single coffee mugs, dinner sets, salt and pepper sets, dinner plates, quarter plates, snack dishes, bathroom sets and much more starting at Rs. 30 and beyond. These are things that surely drive a woman crazy! The most striking feature about Khurja is its #Blue Pottery. The ornately hand-crafted and delicately hand-painted white and blue colored pottery or sets take your breath away! For all those crockery aficionados, Blue pottery is surely the stuff! The pottery itself ranges from Rs. 4000 to Rs. 25000 depending on the type or design and delicate paintings on it. This is probably the most expensive of the products that you find in Khurja and believe me it is absolutely worth it!

Next time you decide to take a drive out of Delhi, try taking the road to Khurja via NH 24 / AH 2 onto NH 91 for some cheap and interesting shopping!


Follow your Passion

Everyone one of us is blessed with something that we enjoy doing the most. Some of us are great dancers, some are great singers (or in certain cases closet singers), some have a passion for writing or painting and others for reading. Whatever your passion, it is one way to relieve you of your daily stress and connect you with your inner-self. 
When we start to pin down the thing that we are most passionate about, it sometimes leads us to explore different sides of our own personality.

So what exactly is Passion?
It is nothing but a craving to do something that your heart tells you strongly to do and follow. Passion is the very thing that drives you to achieve great heights or just to unnerve yourself.

It is very important at some point in life to follow your passion and make sure that it stays with you. If you are good with paints, then why not try your hand at some amateur painting; if you love the world of words, then you can definitely try reading some time or maybe even writing! While passion may mean different things to different individuals, in this context it just emphasizes on the need to be you! 

Being passionate about your work is very different from being passionate about a hobby! It is best that we do not interchange the meaning of the two and emphasize on how we can follow our passions to de-stress ourselves. 

It is a world full of opportunities and you never know when your passion may actually become the thing you love doing the most! 

I have discovered my passion of writing, have you!