A Cookie Jar

We love our sweets like none other. A family that is full of sweet tooth’s (barring me), there is always a question of- when to stop. My daughter had a beautiful cookie jar. A gorgeous white porcelain jar with a blue cover and a dainty looking animal hand painted in the front. How scrumptiously tastyContinue reading “A Cookie Jar”

Relationship Woes of the Forgotten Times- “DATE NIGHTS”

As a couple we have enjoyed plenty of date nights and they were so much fun.But, as we moved ahead in marriage and with the kids being around, we forgot to actually take those small date nights. In the entire rigmarole of life, the fleeting thoughts of love and holding hands just disappeared. Speaking aboutContinue reading “Relationship Woes of the Forgotten Times- “DATE NIGHTS””

Strength – The Internal Buildup

Strength, it is one of the most ambiguous yet intriguing words in the dictionary. It spans across emotional and physical levels of all human beings. We gain strength from our core i.e. our heart or mind; we gain strength by observation or we gain strength by simply repeating the word in our head. We allContinue reading “Strength – The Internal Buildup”

Relationship Woes of the Forgotten Times- Contd.. “TIME OFF”

Time Off- When we were working, we actually allowed ourselves to take some time off. We went out together, on dates or an outing with friends, with or without each other. We always had US in our minds, but we did not let that rule the fact that we have our own lives too. PostContinue reading “Relationship Woes of the Forgotten Times- Contd.. “TIME OFF””