5 Unique Ways To Get Content Ideas Every Day

Ideas strike when you are in your most idle state. Does this sound a little too familiar? I am sure there are a lot of content writers and creative artists who get their best ideas probably sitting in the bathroom, staring at a blank wall, or just when they are about to doze off. AndContinue reading “5 Unique Ways To Get Content Ideas Every Day”

How To Freelance Like A Business

You Need To Own It To Believe It. Only You Can Make The Difference. Nothing beats owning your business like having your website to showcase everything you do. Many web hosting platforms also offer email hosting i.e. having a personalized email option. Maintaining a monthly log of income and expenses is the basic step toContinue reading “How To Freelance Like A Business”

Irrationally Passionate – My Turnaround from Rebel to Entrepreneur by Jason Kothari

BOOK REVIEW Title: Irrationally Passionate- My Turnaround from Rebel to EntrepreneurAuthor: Jason KothariLength: 269 pagesFormat: Kindle Edition (also available in hardcover)Publisher: HarperCollins (11th March 2020)Rating: 5/5 While still pursuing his studies in Wharton University, Jason Kothari put together money from family and friends to salvage his childhood favourite comic book company, Valiant Entertainment. From savingContinue reading “Irrationally Passionate – My Turnaround from Rebel to Entrepreneur by Jason Kothari”