Mental Health Is Real And Here To Stay

A subject that used to get a lot of high eyebrows and something that not many were comfortable speaking about- Mental Health and Well-being. We are so deeply engrossed in our lives that we often forget to check upon our basic necessity- Our Own Well-being. It is mental health week and it is probably timeContinue reading “Mental Health Is Real And Here To Stay”

Socially Stimulated OR Masked For Life!

Geet has a beautiful life. A loving family and loads of friends. Her wishes are fulfilled in the most surprising ways and she has nothing to complain. Every time Geet takes to social media, she has posts flaunting her beauty, her travel escapades, her socializing, her family and even her pooch! Perfect. Isn’t it? IContinue reading “Socially Stimulated OR Masked For Life!”

Depression, Depression- The Cancer that is Killing Many, Slowly

What is Depression?  Feeling of continuous misery, melancholy and sadness is broadly categorized as depression.  I am not a Psychologist nor do I have a degree in any type of Psychiatric field, however, I am surrounded by people from all walks of life that are suffering from Depression in some form or the other. GettingContinue reading “Depression, Depression- The Cancer that is Killing Many, Slowly”

Round and Proud!!!

During my growing up years I have been called very kiddish and interesting names like Moti, Fatso, Big Butt, etc.. etc.. etc… Well I got used to these names eventually, but there was always something that pinched me over a period of time… It was the fact that People around me had difficulty accepting thatContinue reading “Round and Proud!!!”