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Category: Poetry

I can make it better

Just a Thought passing byJust a sparkle in my eyeI wonder what this world has come to beWhere you and me are not to be  With every passing momentI gaze out the window and seeThat life does not wait for me I can crib and I can FallBut life will never stall It is time to take things in our strideStop cribbing about all this strifeWe will not make this world any betterIf we do not stop and make it better We are all that the world is made of We are… Read more I can make it better

I Am Dear!

I hear you sayOh I really do I hear my name What should I do At a distance when I see you My heart pounds like a drumI know it is you Oh I know it is you You cannot know what I feel You cannot know how I feelYou cannot know anything about me ‘Cause you don’t feel the way I feel Don’t come any closerFrom within my mind shouts I shudder at your approach But I will not bend down I gain my strength from withinI know I can fight… Read more I Am Dear!

As I Bid Adieu

With Every Day comes a new challenge With every breath I behold, The fervour that cast me in your eye As I wait to say Good Bye! Every day has been a new learning Every moment a true surprise Every time I look at the sky I see you looking down and smile! Every time I look at you I look at all the things gone by Every time I look at you I can’t stop and ask why! This pain that is in me Will it never end, A… Read more As I Bid Adieu