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Category: Poetry

Come Back darling

My life came to a standstill When I discovered you were no longer here I saw you leave forever and I just wasn’t sure How to see you leave or to make you stay Which was harder I was quite unclear! Our life has been touched by many We touched everyone’s too People thought we were simply perfect How they did not know Our lives were changing no one could know. We stood thick and strong As a tree between a storm We made life worth living Whether it was… Read more Come Back darling

A Time in Life

Savour the truth Savour our life Savour all we have got This may just be one night! There are moments in life When we know not what to do There are moments in life That seem so long and forgotten. If I were to get just one day I would probably sit and change the course of the day I would maybe spend it with a few dear ones I would maybe not do anything, anyway! Life has its own time You come once and go away in time You… Read more A Time in Life

A Word of Advice…

My heart is big and I am strong I may sound crude, sometimes I am wrong If you like the sound of words, There are many ways to listen There is your heart and mind All that is left in a whistle… Come to me like I would come to you Let go of your fears, For I am here to make you strong I can be your guiding light, the one you long Let the stars shine bright in this evergreen sky Let me be your happiness and before… Read more A Word of Advice…

Life Calling…

The beauty of life Whence it gets lost The mystery that it creates One day it gets lost A fine day to think A fine day to revel The mystery called life And the joys within Hold on to those precious moments Ones that create memories Lives will get lost along the way Memories created will stay with us everyday Lets enjoy the small memories that we make Life is anything but fake Our thoughts turn to myriad colors As we celebrate a lifetime of memories, give or take!

Life’s a Gift

Life as we see it Life as we know Life is the most wonderful gift God has bestowed. True colors of life encompass us, We fail to recognize it We fail to let it see us To have life is a beautiful thing It gives us hope to see our day It gives us immense love everyday Makes sure that we are there for each other Fulfill your wishes Greet your loved ones Enjoy every moment around You never know the day you go to ground!

Time Is You

A time to shine A time to bring some smiles A time to reflect on memories Ones that created history Time flies Time goes by Thoughts and memories stay close Like poetry and prose You may not admit it to yourself Time is the best healer by itself An ever winding piece of clock Things that happen with a tinge of shock You may never know what hit you Till you get up in awe Time would have moved ahead Without a trace of Aah, Blah, Craw… Make time for… Read more Time Is You

Time to Cherish

Cheep Cheep Cheep Goes the bird early in the morn’Waiting to get up and fly The bird wakes everyone up and goes by Its time to wake up darling Its time to get dressed, up and about It will get late darling Get up and start your day without a doubt School has begun Sun is shining bright Making your day a wonderful sight There are highs and lows Some are part of school life But never is it dull or boring A time in our mind always glows Enjoy… Read more Time to Cherish