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Category: Poetry

My Soul Got Taken A Few Days Back…

My soul got taken away a few days back I wrenched and moved But, I was unable to withstand The force of life that pulls you away That force left me in a sway The hideousness of the world The gird of the unwinding word I twist in turmoil I scream in Pain I do not know what is happening to me I know not what to do All I know is something inside of me is lost forever too The fear I feel, The anger I vent The utter… Read more My Soul Got Taken A Few Days Back…

Your Child is your Mirror

What is more painful for a mother? Caring and caressing a child inside her for nearly 9 months or giving birth to her baby in the most natural way God intended it to be or seeing your little one hospitalised for something that she or he really doesn’t have a clue of! I think the last one will take precedence over anything for a mother. The pain of our child being admitted and the turmoil that our little one goes through is far more heart wrenching than even giving birth.… Read more Your Child is your Mirror

Grapple and Shake

With my hands tied back, I look at my people grapple and babble Tear at everything that their hands are capable My eyes are shut but I choose to ignore For I know that some walls are better left standing Than breaking your fists on them anymore The silence that wrenches my mouth I keep it shut to judge and to keep it from a bout I save my temper and my hands To teach my children restrain and disband. We all belong to a different sect Not all of… Read more Grapple and Shake