Features make my world a better place. A showcase of a few achievements that make my head spin round ‘n’ round 🤩

Thrive Global

A feature in the world’s best online publication is just a start to a new journey. A recent post that gives you insight into the importance of Mental Health and Well-being.

Top 100 Content Writers of India

When a community acknowledges your effort and recognizes the zeal behind your work, there is nothing more to complement that feeling.

Thrive Global

When parenting becomes a task, it is time to stop and review. Focus on the solution rather than only the problem. With a few quick mindset changes, we can achieve much more with our kids than we think. My feature in Thrive Global talks about this and much more. Check it out!

Eat My News

When life throws a little surprise, you should simply grab it and cherish the moment. Because you never know where it will take you. The first for me, my interview gave me the most prized memory, yet.

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