Who’s To Blame???

Blame Blame Everywhere, Not one person responsible Politicians to common man Blame game just goes on and on An endless flight of words A never-ending trail of actions There is nothing more appalling Than our beloved gutting us with reactions We have come a million years since evolution We still seem to not have evolvedContinue reading “Who’s To Blame???”

Reluctantly Related: Mom-in-law v/s daughter-in-law

We have often come across this layman saying – God sent an angel in the form of a Mother and a devil in the form of a Mother-in-Law… I mean no offense to the latter set of parent however, there are times that this particular saying makes me wonder- why are we unbiased in soContinue reading “Reluctantly Related: Mom-in-law v/s daughter-in-law”

Hypocrisy of Life

I have grown up in a very liberal environment with loads of love and lot of freedom of thought as well as expression. Being the Only Child, I have always enjoyed a lot of attention (or to say absolute attention) of my parents in every way. There is a thin line between being pampered andContinue reading “Hypocrisy of Life”