My Sweet Cupcakes

Today, both my daughters had this amazing idea to bake cupcakes. Not that we don’t buy them off the bakery counter, however, this time they wanted to bake one for themselves (and also indulge in a little sweetness from the bakery). They finally convinced me, after weeks of persuasion and a long haul, to gatherContinue reading “My Sweet Cupcakes”

A Cookie Jar

We love our sweets like none other. A family that is full of sweet tooth’s (barring me), there is always a question of- when to stop. My daughter had a beautiful cookie jar. A gorgeous white porcelain jar with a blue cover and a dainty looking animal hand painted in the front. How scrumptiously tastyContinue reading “A Cookie Jar”

Words Shroud My Memory

Words shroud my memory  Of late spring that we broke The glasses of wine  With beauty so bespoke Words shroud my memory Of the time we last met The benign soul  The beat within… Words shroud my memory Of love that remains Lost in ponder A vacuum it creates  Words shroud my memory  The lastContinue reading “Words Shroud My Memory”