They Are…Don’t Let Them Go

Hold them as close as possible
Don’t let them go
Once they grow up
You may not get a chance to hold them close.

Let them play with dolls and cars
Don’t ask them to grow up
Don’t ask them to stop playing with the things that irritate you.
Because once they leave that phase
It will never come back.

PC: Pexels

They will leave their childhood behind
In a blink
To never look back
And never ponder at what happened.

You will miss their laughter
Echoing through the house
The walls will seem empty without their drawings
Their little hands will no longer paint the house red
They will no longer wait for a new dress.

PC: pexels

The innocence reflecting in their eyes
The curiosity of the hows and whys
Their constant badgering
Their loving and hugging
Their wants and belonging
Their kisses and cheek pulling

Nothing will ever remain the same
Once they grow up, life is no longer a game.

Kids playing and having fun
PC: Original

You will miss having them around
You will miss their naughty sounds
Don’t let go of this time you have.

‘Cuz, this time my friend, will never come back.

Dedicated to all parents everywhere. ❤

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