Prodding a Freelancer

When I started writing, nearly 6 years ago, I had no idea what this field had in store for me. Freelancing was becoming a big part of the gig economy and there were quite a few, as compared to thousands today, who were trying to make a mark in this world.

Prior to this journey, I had no clue as to the job of a Freelancer. I had probably heard about it off and on, but never really paid too much heed to it. It was only after the journey ensued that the world of freelancing started becoming more and more clearer every day.

It was all a jumble of words. Assignments given. Tasks completed. Payment received. 

There was absolutely nothing more that I could think of as a novice writer. I was more interested in getting back to full-time work, however, family commitments posed a big challenge for me to even take that step.
Although freelancing has been a journey of many glorious ups and downs (yes glorious downs as well!), but at the end it was all about what I could take away from it all.

So before you actually prod a freelancer, and I mean any category of freelancers, please heed my advice…

  • They are not doing it because they have nothing else to do! They are doing it because it is challenging enough for them to take it up.
  • They are doing it because many may have had to give up full-time careers to actually pursue working and not leave the world in all its’ glory, high and dry. (yeah! understand the pun attached.)
  • They are people who love to write, photograph, paint, market, and so on, because it gives them immense joy in presenting their thoughts, standing and emotions through their work, but are also careful when it comes to creating that perfect piece of art for their clients.
  • They are people who may like to sit at the other end of the screen and act as silent ‘Helpers’ to companies, clients, big/small enterprises in making their business stand out. These freelancers come from all corners of the world and love interacting with like-minded people.
  • They are not a ‘lost group of people’ who have to earn an extra buck to make ends meet! They truly enjoy doing what they do, and no one has the right to meddle in their business.
  • They respect every individual because of the type of clients or ‘colorful people’ that they have virtually come across while doing their work.
  • They have immense knowledge on a variety of subjects and topics, that probably a lay-man can only visually comprehend if he/she is a keen observer. There is a lot of reading, understanding, researching and looking up webmasters/dictionaries involved to create a good piece of content worthy of the client and his/her business. This holds true to every profession that has a freelancer attached to it, and not only writing.
  • They evolve EVERY DAY because of the tremendous effort that they put in while doing their work with precision.
  • They upskill EVERY DAY because they know that competition is stiff and it is truly ‘Survival of the Wordiest/Smartest’ that will help them remain in front of prospective clients.
  • They charge variable amounts, because of the experience and skill they carry, along with the innate ability to relate to every topic with ease. Money is very important, however, for most freelancers, quality supersedes everything else.
  • They work at odd hours to make sure that their work is never compromised in quality.
  • They AIM to make themselves better, along with contributing a little more to make this world a better place. (You will be surprised to know how many unknown people have helped each other in their freelancing careers.)

So, before ‘Prodding a Freelancer’ do take a look inside and ask yourself, ‘Are you truly happy in doing what you are doing?’ or ‘Am I learning anything new?’

Taking a jibe at freelancers just because they choose to work from home or at their flexible timings, does not give anyone the right to plunge them with comments.

The job of a Freelancer is far more challenging than that of a regular person, because of the level of intricacies involved in delivering every piece and creating something more unique than the other. Learning everything on their own to become better in their respective fields, sets them apart from a lot of regular peers.

Juggling Roles Of A Woman

Every Woman is a ‘Wonder Woman’, until triggered…


There is a role that women play that not everyone is equipped to handle. Women are known to multitask every day of their lives, making every moment count.

By being a wife, a daughter, a mother, a freelancer/full-time workaholic, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law, a friend, an adviser, a boss, a manager, a homemaker and much more, women create the most drastic impact on the lives of everyone surrounding her.

She known as a super-woman, not allowed to get tired, to get bogged down by mundane tasks, or simply a person who just keeps everything in place. How tough is it to be a woman?

Well, the answer is quite simple- Incomparable! 

Women form the most integral part of a family, without whom survival would just be survival, nothing more. She is the pillar of strength to her daughter, a compadre/lover to her spouse/partner, the lifeline of her family and anything else that someone wants her to be! But are her efforts rewarded?

The juggling roles of a woman have far reaching effects on everyone around her.

She is the umbilical cord that nurtures her infants, turning them into able human beings. Her role is crucial for the survival of an entire human race! If not women, no one would be standing here today!

Yet, we misconstrue her abilities, her intentions, her power, her emotions and above everything else, just ‘Her’. She is often not given the due credit that she deserves. She is considered to be just a simple ‘housewife’ or a ‘wife’ or ‘just a mother looking after her kids’ without having any knowledge about how the world functions.

If this was true, You and I wouldn’t be penning down thoughts and words that matter so much, would we?

She loves the role of a juggler, one who can make everyone laugh and cry at the same time. She loves to ‘handle’ everything on her own because she knows her might is much bigger than anyone else’s. She can breach the thoughts closest to her, making her an asset to have. Yet, she is simply considered a ‘woman’.

The juggling roles of a woman are difficult to comprehend, yet most visible in their effects. She is that string of life that weaves everything together.

She is that jewel everyone wants in their crown, but not many acknowledge her presence.

She can be many things, yet she is a ‘Woman’ . A Woman who knows her might all too well, yet ‘chooses’ to keep everything grounded, to maintain a balance in life.

Next time you fail to acknowledge a ‘Woman’, remember ‘She’ is the reason you are ‘here’ and ‘She‘ is the reason you ‘may not’ have been here too…

Go up to your mom and tell her how much she means to you, sneak up on your partner to tell her she means the world to you, acknowledge your boss by telling how precious her guidance is, or simply leave a gentle Thank You note to ‘Women’ you know, or creating an impact that no one else would be able to do…