You Are Dispensable

Don’t like the way the title starts? I am sure there is a lot crossing your mind at this moment, and the one thing that is prominently standing out is- Am I Dispensable?

We live in an increasingly active Gig Economy, with cutthroat competition everywhere. Whether it is your kid winning an award at school or an employee not being recognized for his/her contribution; everything around you boils down to one thing- Can I truly be replaced? Is everything around so superfluous, making it nothing less than a bubble waiting to be burst?

Well, this is a reality that is quite hard-hitting, but a fact.

Ashok loved his work too much. His dedication and analytical skills made him an asset to the organization. The CEO, Mr Ramakrishnan, loved the way this fellow conducted everything around him, with precision.
He loved his enthusiasm, his timely delivery, his passion for his work and a true attribute as a leader.

Having contributed around 10 years in the organization, Ashok was considered to be an asset and in a ‘safe-zone’ by most of his peers and top management. But, was this reality or a dream?

Ashok had worked very hard to get to the level he was at. He did sacrifice his personal life, his personal time, his time with Himself, to get to where he was today.

Remember there are no free lunches in this world, and Ashok had strived too hard to get to the place he wanted to be. Or did he?

Today, after almost a decade in the organization, Ashok did something that he would not usually do. He Took A Long Leave. Why did he do that? What was wrong? Why is Ashok on a holiday? Is everything alright with him? All these questions crossed everyone’s mind and no one quite understood the reason behind it.

Ashok was slipping into Depression, and no one ever got a hint about it. 

Why did this happen?

He worked too hard to get here. He did not give himself any time to breathe or enjoy the small things in life. His work-life balance was completely off the charts. He did not have a companion to go back to at the end of the day. His parents stayed really far away. And this, my friend, had started taking a toll on him after 10 years.

He had started slipping in tasks. His delivery was good but not as great as it used to be. There was an indispensable bar he had set for himself, and it was difficult to get there all the time.

This was getting noticed by his CEO, Mr Ramakrishnan, the top management, and they were getting really worried about the company’s deliverable. They had already started looking out for a “Suitable Replacement” for Ashok, someone with his skill sets.

Ashok was dispensable after all! But, he did not build a back up during his course of time.

We all live in a similar coherently stressful environment every day. There are many of us who think that we are indispensable. It is time to stop thinking in this manner and start doing something about it.

Build a hobby, take some time off, meet new people, join social groups, build a community around you, get a companion, and most importantly ‘Build Another Source Of Passive Income’.

You may find it ridiculous at the off-set, however, taking a step in this direction will start to make your life a tad bit exciting and secure.

Build on your passion.

If you love to play music, ,start teaching it, or performing it.

If you love to read, start a book reading community. Contribute at your close libraries and shelters around to keep this passion going.

If you love to Write, get down to it! Start by blogging on different online platforms, build your own blog or website, become a guest contributor on different online publications; start building a back up.

We are all dispensable as employees, as best students, as freelancers, as influencers, or as anything you do. But, the key to change this in your hands.

No one can change YOU. YOU are the only one who cannot dispense YOU. So build on your personal brand, start talking to people and make an alternate career to help you become a little more Indispensable to many.

Published by eclecticankita

A string of words sewn together" - WordMindscapes Writing is just an art of self-expression that stems from bottom of your heart. If you have the zeal to bring your emotions to life, write it! My passion with words has been forever. From an avid reader, I transitioned into a professional talent acquisition consultant and then moved on to the one thing that absolutely gave me peace- Writing. With a flair of writing and researching the most intense topics, I have built my profile in professional Content Writing over the years (tsskk, it also helps me earn money ;) ) You have a topic to be written, I have the means to write it. Whether it is Technology or Travel, Finance or Healthcare, Lifestyle or Architecture, amongst others, there are plenty of blogs that I can churn out to make your website stand out. When I am not writing for my clients, I am usually getting inspired to write my next blog. This is where I am absolutely free to express my thoughts and emotions. It can be in the form of a story or a poem or even a quote! I absolutely love to explore the different dimensions that the world of Writing has to offer. Come be a part of my journey and tell me what I can do for YOU!

5 thoughts on “You Are Dispensable

  1. Sad reality of modern life! You are indispensable only to your loved ones. For everyone else we are replaceable commodities. In this world, however, it has become more compulsory to perform incessantly. Health, family life, quality of life all take a back seat while pursuing career related goals.

    Well written Ankita! Hope you are doing well!

    Liked by 1 person

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