A Mind is but Memories in every state of confusion… Influenced by factors out of reach of a human mind…

Of redundant televised series
To crumpling mindsets
To feeble outcasts
Set to jeopardize a steady stance

Of mass shootings
To criminally insane human beings
To guns galore
Of terrible facsimile tragedies

Of progressive countries
Inhibiting regressive behavior
To blinded entities of enraged aberration
To mimicking human life through Artificial intelligence

The thoughts that capture the mind endlessly…

Of breaking stereotypes
To harboring maligning
The languishing soul is all so much
Nothing but a mere weapon of choice

Thoughts created to harm others
To make the world a better place
To create a sizzle and a crackle
To remove the ennui of today!

There is nothing called Perfection
But to remove the very thought
Is cruel and degenerate
In every way possible…

Nothing called perfection, it is just an illusion, that’s why every Stone is Different in a Pyramid of Deception!

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