Strength – The Internal Buildup

Strength, it is one of the most ambiguous yet intriguing words in the dictionary. It spans across emotional and physical levels of all human beings. We gain strength from our core i.e. our heart or mind; we gain strength by observation or we gain strength by simply repeating the word in our head. We all have such different ways to gain strength. We tend to project being strong, at times so much that, we often end up getting lost in this word.

So what is STRENGTH? Is it self-control? Does it mean will power? Or does it mean being fearless? Does it mean showing your physical strength? This word has a different meaning for different people.
Giving birth to a baby is the strength of a mother;
Seeing your child on a hospital bed is the strength of a parent to remain calm;
Putting on a smiling face, despite all odds and without faltering in emotions, is the emotional strength of a person;
Saving an unknown danger is another aspect of strength and so on…

You will be surprised to know that vulnerability is strength too. It means that we have the right to break down, to learn and come up much stronger. These are different ways that people project strength… But are we ALL really strong? Do we all have a hidden strength within us?
The answer to this is “YES”.
We often don’t realize that the strength we have is the one that is already stored within us. Until we are faced with life altering situations, we do not understand the meaning of strength. Let me narrate a conversation –

A daughter asked her mother, ‘Mom what makes us strong?’

The Mom replied, ‘Darling, before I answer this question, let me ask you – What Do You perceive the word strong to be?’

The daughter promptly, in an almost enthusiastic way, replied- physical strength; ‘The way I can run fast in the races or complete my homework; that is being strong to me.’

The Mom, with a smiling face, told her that strong is meant to be both- physical as well as emotional. She went on to explain that a doctor has to be strong to see blood while treating his patients. Similarly, a teacher has to be mentally strong to be able to teach all of you in class, a wrestler has to have the physical strength to defeat his / her opponent and a bird has to be strong enough to fly high and escape the hunters. They all have their strength hidden within them but it is brought out only when the time demands it.

The daughter thought hard about it and asked her mom, ‘So, you mean to say I need to be physically strong to run and mentally strong to crack a test?’ Yes sort of, the mother replied, quite bemused.

The mother fueled the daughter’s curiosity by describing that we gain our strength from everyday things-

A bird building a nest tirelessly makes us strong to believe that we should never give up.
A spider weaving its beautiful web of pearls shows us how strong we are to actually fight all odds. A cyclist trudging through the deepest ravines makes us strong mentally and physically. It tells us that there is nothing in this world that we cannot conquer.
A mountaineer that climbs the highest peak gives us hope that we have the will to achieve.

There are many ways to embrace ‘strength’ from- your partner, your family member, your friend, an unknown person, an animal or the winds that never give up. We will discover our moment of truth and our time of strength when we are actually ready to face it.

Have you experienced anything in your life to make your as strong as you are now?

Relationship Woes of the Forgotten Times- Contd.. “TIME OFF”

Time Off- When we were working, we actually allowed ourselves to take some time off. We went out together, on dates or an outing with friends, with or without each other. We always had US in our minds, but we did not let that rule the fact that we have our own lives too. Post marriage most of get so wound up in the rigmarole of life and its daily challenges that we have to remind ourselves to take a break. If you thought marriage was a deal breaker, wait till you actually have kids. You will have to take an appointment with yourself to even enjoy a moment of time-off.

Now don’t get me wrong; the love for thy husband and thy kids will always be there, but it is increasingly important to have some time off from all the schedules of the world. Just sit back and relax without a worry to cross you over and overtake the precious time that you want.

I am not sure if you all remember couple of years back- Sex and the City: Part 2. If you have a penchant for ‘phoren’ chick-flick films, then you may have caught up with this movie. Carrie Bradshaw (who is a personal favorite) is one of the four women who know how to live life. So despite all their ups and downs and thundering days at home, they have this place, an apartment that they can escape for some Me-time or Time-off from everything around. That idea clicked with me so much that I wish to have that kind of den of my own one day! So the point being driven here, some men and women may not agree, is that you need to just close all doors and take a vacation, some time off from the chaos around. It applies equally well for your partner too. This will not only infuse a fresh lease of energy, but you will actually appreciate each other and your choices better.

You know that you can take a little time-off either in a coffee shop or reading a book or simply wandering around aimlessly, but that it is your time you are investing in. Take some TIME OFF guys and gals just to enjoy your relationship better and helping yourselves enjoy it better!

Think about it and roll over your thoughts on this side of the bed 😉 …. Until the next one…

Relationship Woes of the Forgotten Times

Ah! The day the husband (then boyfriend) and Wife went out together, the feeling was so magical. There were butterflies fluttering inside the tummy and they felt so weak in their knees. She knew he is the guy for her, probably even before he realized it, but it was sweet venom of love that she wanted to taste. She couldn’t think of passing one day without him being around or at least taking a sneak peak at him. Those were the days that passed them eons ago, but in the window of her mind, she opens them every day to just feel that flutter once again.

Now she (who is also The Wife) is married to the same guy and she still gets the same flutter when she sees him (yes after more than a decade of marriage), but then something did change. What changed? What became of all those years that passed them by in a swish? Are they still capable of feeling the same love inside that they did more than a decade ago? Do they still yearn for the same affection that they actually regaled a long time ago? Probably they do, I do, you do, and maybe all of us do; but how do you actually break it down and work on it! What did the couple do differently then, that most of us don’t do anymore?

I will be taking you through a 5 part series on different relationship goals that you can set for yourself, foremost, to make you enjoy a beautiful time with your partner ahead.
Don’t let the forgotten times be forgotten, make it all come back without compromising on your feelings and that of your partner.

#I #Love #You… words that are spoken of like second nature but hold true in very few scenarios…

Look out for this space more Relationship Woes of the Forgotten Times and make it come back all over again…

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