10 Annoying Habits of Regular People

Have you come across a relative or a friend or a complete stranger whose habits you get annoyed at? There are many individuals that we encounter in our daily lives who either totally impress you or certain things about them kind of puts you off. Let us see if you have experienced these types of people before!

10 annoying habits of regular people that you may encounter in your lives.

  1. The Slurper: Remember that old aunt of yours who could not finish their tea or any beverage without a sound? Yes, that is the Slurper that we are talking about. Some people have this annoying habit to make a slurp sound while drinking a beverage. It may be acceptable or ignored by some people, I am sure there is still a percentage of us who may not really like to hear that.  SLURPPPPP!!!
  2. The Spitter: As a country we are quite used to seeing people spit across the roads and paint the town red with their Tobacco stained mouths. This is especially annoying when it is on a white wall or a newly painted pavement. But what if the Spitter is in your home and you really cannot do anything about it? There are a certain type of people who would spit after washing their mouth and forget to rinse it off with water in the washbasin!
  3. The Odor-full: If you are wondering what it means, it is simply a person with a bad BO (body odor). It is one of the most annoying personal habits that kind of let the entire group down. Now I mean no offense to anyone, but there is a way to understand that you have body odor, simply raise your arms and smell! It is also the most difficult to get rid off and the most embarrassing to tell, especially if the person is very close to you. Many of us have a natural body odor that is required to maintain the pH balance of the skin. Anything beyond that borders on being stinky.
  4. The Lacy Mouth: Have you ever seen a person talking to you and noticed a lacy type of spit that moves when they speak? It is most common with people who have bad oral hygiene. There is one very effective way to tackle this- brush twice a day, use a good mouth wash and drink plenty of water. You will feel disgusted looking at that spit going up and down while talking to the other person. This is another really annoying habit that is difficult to communicate as the person may get offended.
  5. The Newspaper-litter: Well we all have that one person in the house who is so fond of reading newspapers without bothering to keep it back. There are many of us who spend countless hours in making the house look and feel good but there is a certain percentage who, unknowingly, very conveniently put newspaper across the house in every corner. It really does not take much time to pick up the papers and put it back in its newspaper rack or a specified place after reading it. Especially if you are in a bad mood, this habit can really get on your nerves.
  6. The Non-Flusher: There are many people that have this annoying habit of not flushing after using the washroom. It happens so many times in public places that it is just too disgusting to even use any loo outside. This is the single most annoying habit of people that are actually everywhere around us. Its very simple to flush and get 6 litres of water than a lifetime of airborne Urine Infection (UTI) spread everywhere.
  7. The Misplaced: We all have a dedicated place to hang our keys or keep our wallets so that it is easy to locate it when you are really rushing out of the house. It is extremely annoying to be hunt for all these “important” things when you are in a hurry. Why is it so difficult to keep changing the location of the keys and wallet when you need it the most! If you have a spot to put it, just put it there. You or your house member will not be hassled to find it every single time.
  8. The Noisy chewer: We all love our food and each of us have a favorite dish that we totally relish. But, why do some of us need to necessary eat with mouths open and make the entire eating experience very noisy! Again no offense to anyone, it is quite annoying if you are specially sitting across the person or next to the person and have to be party to the noise. It’s not difficult, close your mouth and the sound will disappear, really.
  9. Stinky Feet: We have all experienced stinky feet by a family member or a friend or a close relative quite often than we think. It is, again, extremely annoying to have the entire house or an ill-ventilated small room smell of dirty socks and shoes or feet, for that matter. The most important habit that one can work upon is- keep your shoes clean, wipe your feet really well in-between the toes as well and change your socks everyday. Its really not a pretty sight or smell, especially when you are a guest at someone’s place.
  10. The Litterer: Last but not the least (not that we following any order while penning the list down) we all have that someone in and around us who are so engrossed in eating or snacking that they often forget to pick up their litter behind them. This could be in the form of a plate or a wrapper or a piece of waste tissue paper. Another set of people who fall under this category are ones who do not wash their hands after eating food or going to the washroom. There is a thin line between littering the place with your dirt and littering yourself. Both these fall meticulously in this category.

This post is not meant to hurt sentiments or get offensive / defensive about anything, but to bring to notice to all those people who actually have to bear it and ones who do it. It isn’t difficult to change a few things in our lifestyle to be a little better. (This also helps the ones who are unable to vent their annoyance since it is not easy to tell these small things to anyone.) Do you think you have anyone around you who is annoying and you cannot help but watch it! 

Depression, Depression- The Cancer that is Killing Many, Slowly

What is Depression? 
Feeling of continuous misery, melancholy and sadness is broadly categorized as depression. 

I am not a Psychologist nor do I have a degree in any type of Psychiatric field, however, I am surrounded by people from all walks of life that are suffering from Depression in some form or the other. Getting irritable, not being able to control your emotions, breaking down in any situation, not being able to face people as you would like to, getting slowly into your own shell, etc. are few of the signs that people showcase when they are depressed. There are some others who express themselves so well in public but are unable to put on that mask when they are alone. No one knows the real cause of Depression getting triggered in teenagers or adults, but, what we know is that the term exists and the symptoms are at times very hidden. We have seen big celebrities across the world who have gone through depression and come out of it OR some who have simply succumbed to it.
To name a few who are known to have suffered from Depression in Tinsel town- Deepika Padukone, Manisha Koirala, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Anushka Sharma, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Late Robin Williams (our favorite comedian growing up), the handsome hunk Owen Wilson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Princess Diana (world’s favorite Princess), and Many more…

As a child I was a tomboy and felt very content with my friends, did all the crazy things that all kids my age do, but all that changed when I moved into a highly conservative Co-Ed school. I will not name anything here, but the fact remains that I am aware that my personality became completely different as I evolved from that institution. I became a girl with an inferiority complex than someone with a fully evolved out-going personality (looking at me now, you would not feel the same, however, I have been through that phase of regret and complexity that probably everyone in their teens goes through) I was easily offended and never felt in-charge of any situation, anytime, while I was growing up.  This actually dominated my personality for a majority of my life, however, the different surroundings and people as well as cities, changed that over a period of time. Today, I am a different person and pretty happy with the way life has evolved for me. Had I over-analyzed the situation at that time OR felt incompetent (though I did think that) OR gone in my cocoon, that would have been termed as Depression? Should I have taken my life in this situation? I doubt that is or will be an Answer anyone wants to hear.

We all go through various types of #Depression in our lives-
Marital Depression– Stuck in a marriage which is abusive or mentally and emotionally disturbing, can lead to depression. Not being able to give an opinion to your spouse or in-laws, can give way to slow depression. Not being able to cope with kids and their pressure or the anxiety of having to be perfect can also lead to depression. These are just a few of the thousand reasons that can actually trigger Depression.

Postpartum depression: I have been through this and I have no idea I had it. I only realized this at a much later stage, after reading extensively about it, but the support around from my family and friends was tremendous. I did not even know this term existed, but yes it did and I went through it and CAME OUT a Winner. This is a hard reality and almost 20% women who give birth every year have #postpartum depression. It slowly creeps in and you will spend hours brooding and crying, but you need to be strong to recognize it and read well about it. If you have this form of depression, DO NOT PANIC. There is a way to treat this well and it is best to seek help. Your baby if your biggest gift, no matter what. You are a special woman who has given birth to the most miraculous gift on Nature.

Cribbing- It is quite a surprising thing, however, over a period of time I have realized that people who over crib about everything are also slowly getting sucked into Depression. They see things very negatively and even if there is a positive outcome they do come out with a negative side to it. They can complain about everything around them and I have, over a period of time, realized that this is also a form of depression. Why you ask? Well, if you cannot see happiness in small things in life, then it will lead to a severe form of depression that will eventually eat you up.

Failure: This is probably the BIGGEST form of depression plaguing and consuming teenagers more than anybody else. The fear of failure or the fear of losing or not being accepted can also lead to depression. This is probably very difficult to understand for any common person, since you haven’t been through it, you wouldn’t know about it. We cannot ignore this form of depression as it has the highest SUICIDAL Rate across the globe. (About 800000 people commit suicide worldwide every year, of these 135,000 (17%) are residents of India, a nation with 17.5% of world population. Between 1987 and 2007, the suicide rate increased from 7.9 to 10.3 per 100,000, with higher suicide rates in southern and eastern states of India- Courtesy Wikipedia) The pressure that the kids of today are being subjected to, in the form of studies or extracurricular activities or peer pressure, etc. makes it difficult for some children to cope up with this and eventually ends in Depression. Depression can play with the mind in many forms, leading you to take the most drastic measures to end it- like suicides, drugs / drug overdose, exogenous elements and much more.

This is a plague that has taken over the world and crept in the lives of at least 1 member in every family that it is difficult to identify the normal ones from the depressed ones, at times.

How can WE (You and I) collectively Help Each other and help those with this symptom, overcome it? Most importantly, how can THOSE who suffer from this HELP THEMSELVES?

  • Communicating: We have all heard it before but communicating helps in every way and any way for those going through depression. It is important to try and speak with the person in anyway possible and not let the person close up. Many men, who go through this phase, often do not want to talk about their feelings and hide them deep down inside. If you notice any of the symptoms, please do talk to the person. He / She may not want to communicate at all with you, please DO NOT GIVE UP. They are not comfortable talking about and hence you need to have all the PATIENCE in the world to deal with them. Please be PATIENT (even the most impatient ones)
  • Internal Drive: Get behind the drivers wheel, before the wheel runs over you. If, as an individual, you can experiencing this phase, please speak with someone. It will help. Don’t let the world smother you. Write down all your emotions and feelings in a journal. Journaling has helped a lot of individuals to become focused in life again and also sort out troubles that YOU have. If you see yourself being drawn in the cocoon or a getting withdrawn in your shell, YOU HAVE TO FIGHT IT.
  • Seeking External Help: If you feel speaking to someone you know may not help or you feel too embarrassed to speak to your close ones, try talking to your best friend. If that too is not a viable option, then please do seek external help from a reputed Psychologist. Kindly understand that seeking help from a professional is not going to hurt your reputation or your standing in the society. Do not let external sources bog you down mentally to confront the most inevitable. It is good to get help before it is too late.
  • Exercising: Getting involved in mind exercises along with breathing techniques can help you battle depression. This will not act as a distraction but also help you connect with your inner-self without any qualms. Realizing toxins from your body will lead to lightening your mind and senses, eventually and gradually moving out of Depression. Any form of physical exercise is a great way to battle any deterrent in your life.

You need to recognize these traits in you or your loved ones before it takes them or you over. If you think there is no purpose in life, please think again. Shitty things happen in life, but let it not be that ONE single cause to Define us. WE understand it is not easy to feel what I write, however, it is an earnest appeal to everyone to make the best of this world that you have been brought into. You Do Not want to be remembered as that HEADLINE on One Date of a Month When You Decided to NOT come out. Don’t let your near ones to become one of this headline, that doesn’t exist anymore. Strive hard to get over it and come out stronger than before.



Help people with Depression around YOU and DO NOT make fun of the situation, as you do not know what it is to deal with Depression.