Hypocrisy of Life

I have grown up in a very liberal environment with loads of love and lot of freedom of thought as well as expression. Being the Only Child, I have always enjoyed a lot of attention (or to say absolute attention) of my parents in every way. There is a thin line between being pampered and over-pampered. I belonged to the first category, since my parents never really indulged in all my weird, out-of-the-box fantasies. (I actually thank them for that now… )

At that time I felt that I was probably being denied what was mine and that I should get whatever I wanted. It was only after a very long and meaningful journey that I realized that – I cannot get whatever I want ALWAYS and I have no Right over the Entire World. Sounds stupid right?? Yes, it is !!

This ‘meaningful’ journey actually became a reality once I got married and had my children.  (I am skipping my entire life’s journey here and may touch upon it a little later) I am a mom to 2 beautiful girls with around 5 years of age difference and I know that is the best thing to happen to me. I truly understand now what my MOM (and what majority of mothers all over the world tell their children) – You will understand the challenges of children only when you have yours. (#laugh)

Trust me I do!!!

I live in a place in India that is majorly haunted by the very dire need to produce or mass-produce #boys from the #womb. However stupid it may sound, but that is the factual reality. I can totally picture the women in many parts of the country that have to give up their first-born or their only child, in some cases, if it is a GIRL. A hard-hitting reality, I really do not understand the NEED for people to have BOYS only.
(Okay just to make it clear, I have an extremely supportive family and by family I mean hubby, his parents and my parents with all the extended family works, who have never felt the way rest of the country may feel)

I have often been literally plagued by questions such as “You have two daughters? Don’t you want a Son?”
A house help passing a comment telling – Only God knows in what HE has in store.. Its OK if you have 2 GIRLS, if you want try for a BOY… Why in the world would I want to try for a Goddamn BOY!!!???? Its absurd, yet quite funny that these women have been, or the majority of the country still lives in the cocoon of BOYS v/s GIRLS wonder!!!

Another gentleman at a particular store, back at my parents place, asks me- “You have 2 Girls? No Boys? You don’t want a boy is it!!! (Again Goddammit what is your problem! I am perfectly happy with my Babies!!!) I answered in all my politeness- ‘I think Girls are a wonder to have and I am lucky to be blessed with them.’ He very candidly said- You don’t have the thinking of a Rajasthani, that’s why you are saying this.’ (Rajasthan is a state in India where boys are given a LOT of weightage)

An older lady telling me that – I can try once more, maybe I will get a Boy!!!! Oh Lord that was actually the last straw… I simply smiled at her and turned my face away…

We are surrounded by hypocrites who think that having a boy is such an amazing thing for the family, with the legacy bullshit and everything… However, these are the VERY people who are born from a MOTHER’s WOMB and pray to the MOTHER of the WORLD, in the form of every Goddess, to Bless them with a SON. (I guess the mothers of the SONS should tell their SON to pass of a guaranteed sperm to yield them a BOY (**Laugh**)) That would be probably a better option than torturing a woman or daughter or daughter-in-law for not giving birth to one)

The #Hypocrisy of #Life lies in our hands and we solely have the Power to change it.

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3 thoughts on “Hypocrisy of Life

  1. its the fact!! every woman’s story in India. I was the 2nd daughter to my parents, and people would sympathize with my dad for a 2nd gurl, n my dad would say she is my son, and treated me like one… again why do i have to be a son to make someone happy??

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