I came back to an empty home…

I came back to an empty home
A place that I once loved to come to 
I had a wife, I had a gorgeous child 
Eyes full of love, life was just a beautiful dream! 

A life full of hopes, 
A rainbow of emotions
To make my world spin 
A life to look forward to
A dream with many wings!! 

The day I lost you…
I lost everything I could dream of. 
I could have been a little careful 
I should have been a little chary 

I wish I can turn the table all around, 
But I know it would do Us no good… 
I feel you are still lingering around 
I still feel that your presence all around

I can still picture us together 
I wish we could go back to being together
But alas! Life is too short to spend in regret
I couldn’t see the signs, I shouldn’t have ignored our time…

I wish I can still come and get you
I wish I can enjoy our times together
I know it is too late
You have gone, leaving me behind… 

Today I come back to an empty home
One that we once fondly called Ours… 
I see my dimly lit hallway
That reminds me of my life today! 

“I wish I could love you today, the way I loved you Yesterday, to Make it last for eternally from today…”



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