My Soul Got Taken A Few Days Back…

My soul got taken away a few days back
I wrenched and moved
But, I was unable to withstand
The force of life that pulls you away
That force left me in a sway

The hideousness of the world
The gird of the unwinding word
I twist in turmoil
I scream in Pain
I do not know what is happening to me
I know not what to do
All I know is something inside of me is lost forever too

The fear I feel,
The anger I vent
The utter despair perpetuates
I can no longer hold on to life like I used to
I can no longer seem to hold it straight
I want to be strong but They keep pulling me Down
I want to stand up but their thoughts weigh me down

I want to live in peace
I want to go away
To a far off place
Where I may just lay down and stay…..

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