Grapple and Shake

With my hands tied back,
I look at my people grapple and babble
Tear at everything that their hands are capable

My eyes are shut but I choose to ignore
For I know that some walls are better left standing
Than breaking your fists on them anymore

The silence that wrenches my mouth
I keep it shut to judge and to keep it from a bout
I save my temper and my hands
To teach my children restrain and disband.

We all belong to a different sect
Not all of us can ever agree on whats always the best,
But I do know one thing for sure
My actions are my own
I must learn to use them with care and more…

Not all of us can understand the six sides of a dice,
My stupidity will cause my “Mother”to bleed and slice,
Our woes are not always our own,
But our actions are louder than words and hurt even more.

Our choice may be selective
We may not always know what’s ‘Left’ and ‘Right’
But our better judgement may help us stay clear
And help us steer away our strife.

Sadness, delusion and wariness encompass me,
I hope that some of Us will get the strength to make it stop
For I know it may not always work,
But lets make an effort to put an end to this
Lets put our hands together and make it work!

Published by eclecticankita

A string of words sewn together" - WordMindscapes Writing is just an art of self-expression that stems from bottom of your heart. If you have the zeal to bring your emotions to life, write it! My passion with words has been forever. From an avid reader, I transitioned into a professional talent acquisition consultant and then moved on to the one thing that absolutely gave me peace- Writing. With a flair of writing and researching the most intense topics, I have built my profile in professional Content Writing over the years (tsskk, it also helps me earn money ;) ) You have a topic to be written, I have the means to write it. Whether it is Technology or Travel, Finance or Healthcare, Lifestyle or Architecture, amongst others, there are plenty of blogs that I can churn out to make your website stand out. When I am not writing for my clients, I am usually getting inspired to write my next blog. This is where I am absolutely free to express my thoughts and emotions. It can be in the form of a story or a poem or even a quote! I absolutely love to explore the different dimensions that the world of Writing has to offer. Come be a part of my journey and tell me what I can do for YOU!

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