Time Travel

We set off in motion
To see the world
The one that existed ages ago
The one that is like a fairy tale told.

There are times I wish we could spin back the wheels of time
To gather all that we didn’t do when it was truly their time
There are many things I wish I hadn’t told
But the truth today is far from what we hold.

I wish there was a way to go and undo all the errors of yesterday
I wish there was a way to bring the same smiles all over again
Now all I have is wishes and more
Now I look back at all the beautiful things that I had in store.

I know that going back is not the solution
Even if it was possible I wouldn’t know the difference
I would probably make the same mistakes all over again
And then look forward for a new day to enjoy them begin.

So I have hope for the future
And learning from my past,
Somethings cannot be changed
Even if you have a time traveler in hand.

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