A Word of Advice…


My heart is big and I am strong
I may sound crude, sometimes I am wrong
If you like the sound of words,
There are many ways to listen
There is your heart and mind
All that is left in a whistle…

Come to me like I would come to you
Let go of your fears,
For I am here to make you strong
I can be your guiding light, the one you long
Let the stars shine bright in this evergreen sky
Let me be your happiness and before you bid good bye.

A pauper told me once
I may not have anything to give you
But you can take anything you want from me
My words are the only resort
I speak and you can hear me
I am not rich as you, but a poor being
You are richer than I am, but a poor soul within.

Let me teach you to give your world
Let me be that person to bring a smile within
You may be poorer by a few pounds
But a million hearts you would have found.

Let me be your guiding light
All through your day
All through your night!

Life Calling…

The beauty of life
Whence it gets lost
The mystery that it creates
One day it gets lost

A fine day to think
A fine day to revel
The mystery called life
And the joys within

Hold on to those precious moments
Ones that create memories
Lives will get lost along the way
Memories created will stay with us everyday

Lets enjoy the small memories that we make
Life is anything but fake
Our thoughts turn to myriad colors
As we celebrate a lifetime of memories, give or take!

Life’s a Gift

Life as we see it
Life as we know
Life is the most wonderful gift
God has bestowed.

True colors of life encompass us,
We fail to recognize it
We fail to let it see us

To have life is a beautiful thing
It gives us hope to see our day
It gives us immense love everyday
Makes sure that we are there for each other

Fulfill your wishes
Greet your loved ones
Enjoy every moment around
You never know the day you go to ground!

Time Is You

A time to shine
A time to bring some smiles
A time to reflect on memories
Ones that created history

Time flies
Time goes by
Thoughts and memories stay close
Like poetry and prose

You may not admit it to yourself
Time is the best healer by itself
An ever winding piece of clock
Things that happen with a tinge of shock

You may never know what hit you
Till you get up in awe
Time would have moved ahead
Without a trace of Aah, Blah, Craw…

Make time for yourself
Make time to love yourself
You are what matters most
Don’t wither away like a ghost…

Time to Cherish

Cheep Cheep Cheep
Goes the bird early in the morn’Waiting to get up and fly
The bird wakes everyone up and goes by

Its time to wake up darling
Its time to get dressed, up and about
It will get late darling
Get up and start your day without a doubt

School has begun
Sun is shining bright
Making your day a wonderful sight

There are highs and lows
Some are part of school life
But never is it dull or boring
A time in our mind always glows

Enjoy this life darling
The most beautiful time ever
You will see as you grow
This time spent will be in your heart forever

A Butterfly

Fluttering like the wind
Filled with myriad colors None to worry, none to bind
This is the story of a Butterfly.

Tender wings sitting on a flower
Living life like there is none other
Creating beauty that one devours
Feeling so free, just like a Butterfly.

‘Ts life is short and she makes the most
Knowing tomorrow may be just a dream
Today is what matters most

A butterfly, she knows
The perils and beauty of life as it grows
That one day it has to surely has to go

The one creature God has bestowed
To first lie low and then fly high as it grows
A beautiful trailer of how life goes by
On how a Caterpillar becomes a Butterfly.