“We Are Alone”

There comes a time to believe in oneself
To enjoy the small pleasures and transcend oneself
A time to believe and forget small pains
There comes a time when we are all left in vain

We are alone in this world,
Amidst parents, friends and foes
Amidst people we love and who love us more
Amidst all those innately popular beings
We are but alone

We will laugh alone and smile to ourself
We will cause pain and feel it on ourself
We will smile at small passings
We will eventually become one with the masses

There will come a time when we are standing at the edge
Looking far at the horizon
Wondering if thats where it all begins or ends
There will come a time when material things become obscure
There will come a time When You and I will be no more

We came here alone,
Amongst friends and family too we are alone
We made a name for ourself
And now the time has come
We are going to leave this world alone!

I Lay Myself Bare

I Lay myself Bare
In an array of Colors
I Lay myself Bare
In a jungle of wallers 

I may not have all that I would want
I may not have all that I wish for 
I may not have anything at all
But I know to this day, I have everything that I cared for 

I lay myself bare in everything I hold 
I lay myself bare in everything I portray 
I lay myself bare in the eyes of the ever giving
I lay myself bare for all those who care 

I begin my journey to the end of time
I begin my journey to add purpose to life 
I begin my journey to end all grief 
So, today I lay myself bare with all that I care! 


With Pride on Our Independence Day

Unfurl Our Flag
Salute it with Pride
Give it a warm Welcome
Then feel warmth of love and pride

You look up 
Look high 
Look at the Flag 
And See it swirl away 

The emotions have no words
The sentiments are all in the eyes and not in words
One cannot not deeply express the feeling one feels
Only hope to show it to one and all 

We cannot truly thank the countless people
Who had strived for us to see this day
We cannot fully express in words
The countless emotions that unfurl through us today

Let us raise our hand in respect 
And hold our heads up high 
Let us wish every being around
A Very Happy Independence Day Today! 


Small Things in Life

Small things in Life,
Small things that bring joy and pride
Small things are one that brings us pleasure
Small things are what we play in leisure

With world so full of strife
There is so much of nothing but rife 
There is no other way to look at life
Than to look at the Small things in Life 

When we grow up 
All we know is
That there was once a beautiful life 
That we all enjoyed and had 
But as we went along we forgot 
What it was to have small things in Life 

When we look back and see 
What is it that we can believe! 
There is nothing more important today in life 
Than to reflect on sweet, small things in Life 

We may not always believe in it
We may not always look at it
We may most of the time ignore it
But at the end of the we know we can all count on it 

Small things in Life
Small things in Life 
Small beautiful things in Life! 

When My Daughter Became My Friend

When she was little
I held her fondly in my arms 
Caressing her, Cuddling her and looking after her all day long
I made her a promise that day
That she would be mine, as I would hers, till the end of days 

When She became a toddler 
I helped her get her balance right 
Helped her walk and smile bright

She grew up and started going to school
That’s When I knew that we are two bodies and one soul
Her enthusiasm to do things
Her way to conduct things
Her smile and anger, all flushed in one 
She reminded me of me as I was once 

She grew up to venture in her teens
She saw a whole world that was there with smile that would beam 
She took a step forward with an attitude to die for 
She never looked back because she knew far more 

But one thing that she kept a constant eye on
She looked to find me always beside her
She never faltered, she never gave in 
Because she knew that there was one person she could abide in

There came a time when she was all grown up
She became independent, a girl who would never give up 
She advised me on various things, held my hand and stood still
We now talk about everything under the sun 
Because we know there is only one 

That is the day I finally realized 
The pretty girl I raised would never bend 
That is the day When my Daughter became my Friend!