Date Nights – An important fact post – marriage


Going on a date is probably the most beautiful thing a couple experiences in a relationship. The sweet nothings around you, the beauty of the world that encompasses you and the feeling of being with the one you love, makes you feel complete. Dating, at one point, was perceived to be a thing you did only before tying the knot. However, with changing times, the meaning of this term has also changed. Today, more married couples look forward to date nights to make one feel special and to bond with each other.

Dating is not impasseand brings a couple together post marriage too. We get so embroiled in our day to day lives that we forget the small things that once brought a smile on our face. The importance that we gave each other and the lamp that kept us burning through day and night while courting each other is…

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  1. Very true, we at our age also believe, in the fact, that words of love spoken or just a warm hug from either spouse gives you a feeling of closeness and care. Work will go on, but the time that has gone by will not come back. So grab the moments and make the most of it. Dont leave anything for tomorrow, for tomorrow may not come. Live for today and enjoy. Thumbs up.


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