A Colourful Array – Jhandewala Cycle Market

ImageAs a child I was always enamoured by the different types of cycles that my friends used to ride. I remember getting my first cycle when I was 8 years old (considering the fact the I belong to the 90’s generation :)) and my mom used to pester me to ride it everyday. Though I loved the fact that I owned a cycle but the admiration I had for my friends cycle was much more. During my days, life was simple with less complications as compared to today. There weren’t many varieties in bi-cycles for children to choose from. We had very selected brands like Atlas or BSA. Although a couple of my friends owned multi-gear bikes, that had become a rage in the late 90’s, but most of us owned simple girlie cycles such as a Ladybird.

Today with the growth in demand and supply, there are innumerable players in the market that manufacture and assemble bi-cycles and tri-cycles. One such place that actually left us open-mouthed was Jhandenwala Cycle Market in  Delhi.            

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This H- shaped wholesale market of Delhi is famous for all types and makes of cycles. You can find toddler cycles and prams to bicycles for young and old alike. The price variation is considered to be quite a bit than compared to the regular cycle shops in every area. Since we wanted to buy a cycle for my daughter, who is 4 years old, someone suggested we visit this market and pick up a cycle as we would get a huge variety. Now how difficult is it to choose a bicycle with two extra wheels attached at the side for a young girl of 4! We thought it to be a simple task, that we would go, see, negotiate, buy and get our desired cycle home! But I guess it wasn’t meant to be that simple after all.

Once we entered this huge market, we were left awe-struck with the number of shops selling the same brands and similar variety of cycles at comparatively different rates. One we started looking around different shops we were amazed with the number and types of cycles that have come out for toddlers now! I never could have imagined the variations in cycles like tube or tubeless, colours, cartoon character specific or with and without baskets, cycles of different inches and the best being the inches differed from shop to shop. Now inches here means the width of the cycle tyre which determines the cycle that your child can and will be able to use. Now the price of the cycles differed from shop to shop and brand to brand. Every brand has a sub-brand to choose from for example- BSA for Toddlers, BSA Flora for girls, BSA boys cycle, Dora cycles, Hero Boys and Girls cycle, Atlas Little star to Atlas boys. The price range started from Rs. 1200 – Rs. 4000 and that was mainly because of the brand! The Chinese cycles, that are assembled here cost you much lesser than the other brands. So if you are looking at something that is non-branded and which may or may not last you for a very long time then a Chinese made cycle is a better option.

Though the price of the Chinese cycles were much lesser however we were not entirely satisfied with its finish and the way it was made. It was quite evident that the cycles were not really branded because of the quality of the metal, the plastic and the weight. However, in case you have a strict budget then definitely some of these cycles are worth it as you will end up getting one easily between 1500 – 1800 Rs. However, after 2.5 hours of tiresome walking and trying of cycles and negotiating prices, we did not really end up buying any as we were thoroughly confused at the end of it all. Even if we did not buy anything, the variety of things available for kids was an eye-opener for all of us.

Now we know in case we want to buy cycles or toys or gifts in bulk, we can explore the Jhandenwala Cycle market. Advisable to go in case you seriously want to purchase something otherwise it may just leave you frustrated at the end of a tiring walk around this market.


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