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Did you know that an average reader would only read content that is about 3 to 4 mins long? Yeah, surprising, right? Yup, I write THAT content to keep your audience engaged and glued!

In my unique way, I create intriguing web copy and articles with a little zing. But I love to write book reviews, product descriptions, and press releases too. Spice it up with a hint of humor, and Voila, you have a reader-friendly copy ready!

From marketing to e-commerce, lifestyle to psychology, I have researched and created a range of articles on different topics. But travel and general technology are my favorites.

If you want to add a little pep and personality to your Content and Copy, we should definitely connect!

Hey there! I am Ankita. I am your curious content curator with a hint of quirk.
Still, feeling a little unsure? Let’s Connect to know each other a lil’ more.

Since you are here, why not check my projects out too.

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Life Goes On

It’s not everydayYou wake up and sayLife goes onAs it does everyday You feel the pinchYou shrug and twitchYou still wake upTo sayLife goes on everyday It’s not the beginningNor is it…

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